Fire Service

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This course introduces students to careers in the fire service by focusing on the principals, theory and practice associated with the management of fire operations, firefighting services, and community fire issues.  Students will spend time both in the classroom and on the fire department training grounds. 

Classroom lessons will include the mission and structure of the fire service, communication, building construction, fire dynamics, and an introduction to hazardous materials analysis.  Hands-on training will include personal protective equipment, portable fire extinguishers, ropes and knots, ground ladders and more.  Students will earn their First Aid and CPR/AED certificates.

Year 1 – Introduction to the Fire Service is the introductory course and curriculum is aligned with standards for Fire Fighter I.

Year 2 – Fire Service curriculum is aligned with standards for Fire Fighter II.  This is a separate course.

CTE Fire Service student using breaker bar to open door