Parking Rules

Student Parking Lot Rules and Regulations

All vehicles parked on LHHS Property must display a current parking permit.

Students are required to purchase a parking permit in order to park on LHHS campus.

Parking permits are $25 for general student parking; this includes the upper parking lot and lower parking lot or $50 for covered parking. All parking spots are first-come, first-serve.

All vehicles must be parked in the student parking lot in the designated parking area. Designated Student Parking is located on the east side of the school behind C Hall, I Hall and J Hall or the lower parking lot by the football field.

Parking off campus is not allowed.

All spots are numbered and students may only park in their numbered spot.

All parking spots with yellow lines and all parking spots behind D Hall are Staff parking only.

*Students will receive a parking lot violation which will result in detention hours for the following:

  • No Parking Permit purchased
  • Parking Permit not displayed
  • Parked in Staff parking
  • Parked off campus
  • Parked in Fire Lane or Non-Parking Area
  • Sports Pass not displayed (only used on away game days - available at the Bookstore)
link to School Store to purchase parking pass
LHHS parking permit samples for upper lot, lower lot and covered parking