Fashion and Design

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Fashion Design and Merchandising is a class to teach you technical skills in a growing and changing industry with a rich history that impacts our society.

Come learn about why people wear what they wear. Learn about the history of our clothing. We learn to sew, beginning with the simple techniques to create and then move on to more complex items.

In the first project, we learn to make scrunchies and then on to pillowcases. Before you know it, you are making actual garments. Advanced classes work on community service opportunities, real industry experience in costuming, more difficult techniques, and the business side of this industry.

The advanced classes work closely with a local theater here in our own community. All classes utilize your own style, branding, and work to access your creativity.

What would your 8-year-old self wear?

This is the class to be creative and participate in engaging activities. Beautiful things come together one small and simple thing at a time.  

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